The Misunderstanding Of Smart Lock

With the advent of the intelligent era, smart home products began to replace the traditional home equipment, smart door lock is one of them, and began to be recognized and sought after by more and more users. However, most consumers’ cognition of smart lock is not very comprehensive, and they are still following the trend when purchasing. In order to catch more consumers, manufacturers try their best to publicize their products, but at the same time, there are many “exaggerating” elements to guide consumers into errors.

Myth 1: Iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote, app, etc. are more secure

At present, fingerprint, password and sensor card are the main ways to unlock the lock. Iris, Facebook recognition, mobile phone remote, app and other technologies are still being improved. Before the new technology is not stable, to some extent, it is not particularly difficult for those who want to get solutions!

Moreover, many smart door locks may be accessed by other terminals without authentication, and their security cannot be guaranteed. The security risks are incalculable. Those “high-tech” that are not accepted by the mainstream may be found to be deceptive in practical application.

Myth 2: More functions are better

Many businesses have always emphasized their powerful functions, so that consumers think that the more functions the smart lock is, the better. In fact, the quality of the smart lock depends on the user’s actual experience. Pay attention to the products with more functions, more product faults, unstable performance and high uncertainty, and the user experience is bound to be poor.

Myth 3: Without mechanical lock cylinder, intelligent lock is safer

No matter what kind of lock, the first thing is to ensure safety. The purpose of the smart lock must not deviate from this. At present, some manufacturers try to abandon the traditional mechanical lock cylinder and use the fully automatic switch. Such an approach is not worth advocating. We can never predict when the electronic function will fail. The mechanical lock cylinder is an emergency protection.

Myth 4: Smart locks are expensive luxury goods

There are some intelligent lock products with high prices on the market, and consumers do not fully understand the intelligent lock market, resulting in many consumers still believe that the intelligent lock belongs to high-end consumer goods. When purchasing, consumers can avoid the intelligent lock with high price and the products packaged with various luxury concepts by considering the material, stability and safety.

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