Solution For Anti-Theft Door Lock

The security door is indispensable for many families nowadays. If you have a more reliable security door, it means that the security of the home has a certain guarantee. We all know that the main function of the security door is to prevent theft. The secondary is the role of decoration and beautification. It reminds us that if our maintenance or improper use, the door lock will be prone to problems or malfunctions.

1. When the door is opened, there is a metal friction sound. In a very noisy situation, I am too lazy to look for maintenance personnel to repair it. You can try to drop a little oil on the door hinge.

2. Sometimes when you close the door, you will find that the resistance is too large, then you can apply a little oil to the activity lock tongue, maybe it can be easily solved.

3. Sometimes you may encounter a situation where the key when opening the door cannot be fully inserted into the keyhole. In this case, we must first check whether there are other foreign objects in the keyhole, but in this case, we should not use our own things to smash the drums. It is best to ask the maintenance personnel to repair them.

4. If we use the anti-theft door, the impact of the door is too large, which may cause the door frame or the door to be misaligned, resulting in the locking tongue being stuck. In this case, don’t worry. If it is the right key, if it can be inserted into the keyhole normally, use a small amount of pencil to pour into the beverage straw and gently blow it into the lock cylinder. This keeps the lubrication state. Then push the door inward or pull the door.

5. When it is found that it is very difficult to open the door, we should not violently open the door too hard, so that only the locks will be broken. In this case, generally only the small tongue with the bevel is damp, resulting in rust spots that are invisible to the naked eye. It can be solved by brushing with a fine sand cloth or by applying some pencil.

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