Smart Door Lock Will Become The Entrance Of Smart Home

More and more people begin to pursue high-quality life. With the progress of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the market of smart home is gradually mature. People’s home life is constantly being interpreted to intelligence.

Smart homes could become the next trillion-dollar consumer market

Smart home is a sunrise industry in the application of Internet of things. Under the background of favorable policies, progress of key technologies and continuous improvement of industrial system, smart home conforms to cutting-edge concepts such as smart city, artificial intelligence and consumption upgrading, which are highly concerned in both market and capital field. Smart home products with its convenience, comfort, safety, energy saving, humanization and other advantages are also favored by consumers.

The development potential of the smart home industry attracts a large number of capital to join, and many brand manufacturers in the industry seize the opportunity of combining hardware and software to actively lay out the iot home security industry. Since 2014, Internet companies and home appliance enterprises have been making constant moves. In the field of smart hardware, the number of financing events of smart home has been in the forefront. Under the exploration of capital, intelligent household this emerging format is the wind and water. Smart home market prospects are unlimited, the industry group deer, the next trillion consumer market is about to break out.

Smart fingerprint lock will boost the smart home market to usher in a large-scale outbreak

So, smart home “spring” when to come after all? As an entry level product of smart home, smart fingerprint lock has the characteristics of rigid demand, high frequency and identity recognition. It is an indispensable “facade” of smart home and will become an important part in the future market of smart home.

Smart fingerprint lock has become the entrance product of smart home industry

Door lock is the most important device for home security. Based on the technical revolution of lock, it develops from traditional mechanical lock to electronic intelligent lock. With the development and maturity of the technology related to the smart fingerprint lock, the smart fingerprint lock has been accepted by more and more families because of its irreplaceable, hard to duplicate and easy to operate characteristics. It has remote unlock, alarm, damage prevention and other high safety performance Settings, from multiple angles to ensure the door lock safety performance, to provide security management and emotional care.

Smart fingerprint lock gets rid of the shackles and troubles of traditional keys, and adds a variety of security unlock methods. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology, door locks are more intelligent and accurate in biometrics, human-computer interaction, data statistics, analysis and data sharing. Fingerprint lock as the entry of the household life and intelligence, except with the systematic security products security system, and other household products, such as indoor lighting systems, indoor entertainment systems, indoor air monitoring system, indoor home appliance system have extensive ties, such as intelligent fingerprint lock function and application can more access to the household life scenes.

Benefiting from the increasingly hot smart home market, smart fingerprint lock was first applied in middle and high-end residential buildings, and promoted in office buildings, Banks and government agencies.


The smart fingerprint lock market is a blue sea, with various industry giants rushing to seize the smart fingerprint lock industry, Internet entrepreneurs, traditional home appliance enterprises, traditional hardware enterprises and venture capital competing to intervene.

In the field of smart home, smart fingerprint lock has high user viscosity, high frequency of use, the most easy to land, the most popular, the potential market is huge. As the industry chain of smart fingerprint lock continues to improve, the industry becomes increasingly mature, and the consumer market continues to be educated, more and more families’ potential demand for changing locks will be stimulated. In the future, with the increasingly hot concept of smart home, smart fingerprint lock will be connected to more smart life scenes, smart home gradually systematized, consumer market will continue to explode. With the help of smart fingerprint lock this entrance, the smart home market will usher in a large-scale outbreak!

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