Smart Door Lock Advantages

Advantages and disadvantages of different unlocking modes of smart door locks

In daily life, the common ways of intelligent lock are fingerprint lock, password lock and card lock. Today, I’d like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of different unlocking methods and the applicable crowd.


1. Fingerprint unlocking:

Advantages: Convenience and speediness are the core of intelligent lock. In the current market of intelligent lock, fingerprint is the most important way to open, but not one of them. The advantages of fingerprint unlocking are security, uniqueness, portability and rapidity. The first three are well understood. Here we will explain the rapidity in particular. This means that fingerprints actually need the least steps and the least time compared with other opening methods.

Disadvantage: It should be noted that some people are vulnerable to fingerprint wear and shallow fingerprint, fingerprint unlocking experience is not very good, the most obvious crowd is children and the elderly, children’s fingerprints mature usually we think should be 10 years old or even 12 years old, before that there will be some fingerprint identification insensitive situation. In addition, some older people have more manual work when they are young, which results in serious fingerprint wear. Therefore, fingerprint identification is insensitive or unrecognizable.

In addition, fingerprint is one of the ways to open the door which will be affected by the climate problem in the intelligent lock at present. This mainly refers to the capacitive fingerprint module in vivo. When the temperature is low, the recognition degree will drop slightly, especially in the late autumn and early winter, the changing season is more obvious, but it belongs to the normal phenomenon.

Applicable crowd: all the people whose fingerprints can be used normally.


2. Password unlock

Advantages: No restrictions on the use of any crowd, high safety performance.

Disadvantages: Need to remember, for the elderly also have the possibility of forgetting; in addition, for children, there is a risk of password leakage, which requires separate attention.

Applicable population: all


3. Card unlock:

Advantages: No crowd restrictions, if lost, you can delete the card alone, which is more convenient than the mechanical key.

Disadvantage: need to carry; as the biggest convenience of smart locks is not to carry keys, but it is also inconvenient to carry cards alone.

Applicable crowd: There are other scenarios in the home where you have to carry cards out, such as access cards in residential areas, employee cards, parking cards, old age cards and so on. Because if the access card is written into the door lock at the same time, it will become very convenient as the way to open the door.


4. Bluetooth unlock (as a gradually mainstream way, consider again or into the basic mode of opening to introduce, this function is not remote, mainly short-range Bluetooth unlock)

Advantages: Easy to set, pay attention to the advantages of easy to set, not open the door; because the lock itself is confined to non-touch screen devices, mainly by voice menu settings, such as password effective time management, channel lock mode settings, high security mode and other functions, whether cancelled or set, in the lock body. The setup is tedious. After using Bluetooth control on mobile phone, the convenience has been greatly improved. At the same time, the intelligent lock with Bluetooth function usually has another convenient function, which is the upgrade of the intelligent lock system. On some intelligent lock products whose functions tend to be digital products, responsible manufacturers often collect and use data constantly, optimize the system irregularly, and improve the experience of using the whole lock. Optimizations such as power reduction can be achieved.

Disadvantage: Bluetooth unlock itself is a very low sense of existence, so it is not a necessary function. Usually with Bluetooth module, the price of locks will increase a lot.

Applicable crowd: Hourly workers, nannies, sister-in-law and other needs in a fixed period of time at home, or the location of installation for offices, study and other places, there is a need to use special models from time to time, this function is very necessary.


5. Key unlock:

Advantages: Enhance the anti-risk ability of the whole lock, as one of the most important alternative unlocking methods.

Disadvantage: Anti-theft is proportional to the lock core, so the lock core with high safety level must be selected.

Based on the above analysis, for the basic daily needs, without considering the budget, the recommendations of the minor edition need special consideration as follows:

There are old people and children living in the family. Unless the original smart lock in the family has been verified that the fingerprints of the old people or children can be used normally, it needs to be considered for the elderly and children. Cards are relatively good solutions. Note that this does not mean that children and old people can not use it, but to reserve a way for the elderly at home to easily unlock.


In addition, as mentioned above, if there are fixed-term hourly workers at home, or intelligent locks installed in the office or study, there are many times need to set up channel locks, then Bluetooth APP is a necessary function, to minimize the concerns of keying hourly workers or having to open doors regularly.

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