Mechanical Key For Smart Door Locks

Do you need to keep the mechanical key when you have a fingerprint smart lock installed on the door?

Although there are many ways to unlock fingerprint lock, each fingerprint lock has an emergency key hole, which is required by national regulations. Therefore, when purchasing fingerprint lock again, emergency key is also equipped accordingly. Now that we can open the door with fingerprint, swipe the card, and open the door with app, what else can we do with a key? Isn’t this unnecessary? In fact, this problem is also reasonable. The purpose of doing this is to prevent the emergency means of accidents, and there is a probability of everything. In case of any problem with fingerprint lock, we can still quickly open the door with the key.

The following are the problems that customers often worry about when purchasing fingerprint locks. Here is a summary:

1. Fingerprint lock is good to unlock with fingerprint. Why use the key to open the door?

Because the key is used in case of emergency. It is said that fingerprint lock without mechanical lock is a hooligan. The state does not allow intelligent lock without emergency key to leave the factory. What if the whole circuit fails or can’t be opened due to the fire? Then our emergency key will come into use. As the saying goes, “we should leave a way for ourselves in everything.”. So the emergency key is the so-called Plan B. It’s always right to consider both sides of things.

2. With a fingerprint lock and a key, isn’t it unnecessary?

Fingerprint lock is for us to go home and go out quickly and conveniently. It is not necessary to carry the key with us. As mentioned above, the key is an emergency. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s like in the smart era, when you pay by mobile phone, does that mean you don’t have to take change when you go out? When you go shopping and park, most of you still need change to pay, otherwise how do you get out of the parking lot? In fact, if you don’t want to take the emergency key with you, you can also put it in a fixed location for easy access:

a. Putting it in the car is the best way.

b. You can put one in the office.

c. You can also have one at your parents’ house.

d. Never put it under the carpet, on the top of the door frame, or in the potted plants beside the door. (these are all old routines, which have been known for a long time, so don’t try them easily.) finally, I would like to remind you that it’s better not to change the storage place. If the key is changed many times, it’s troublesome to forget where to put it next time you need it.

3. If we leave a key hole in the fingerprint lock, we will leave a back door for the thief. Can the thief open the door through the key hole?

In fact, this worry is reasonable! But what you don’t know is that it only takes 5 seconds for ordinary mechanical locks to unlock. Because this is the most common and simple a-lock, which can be easily opened without too much technology. So generally, this kind of lock becomes the first choice of thieves. The shorter the time of unlocking, the less the risk of committing a crime; on the contrary, the longer the time of unlocking, the greater the risk. For those with long unlock time, they usually choose to give up. At present, most of the smart locks adopt the national C-class lock cylinder, and the C-class lock cylinder adopts the double row, computer, compound curve groove patent key, which is widely used in the financial industry and rarely used in civil use. C-class lock is the most complex and safe lock cylinder at present.

4. There is a fingerprint lock in the house, but what can’t the old and children do with fingerprint identification?

There is no need to worry about this. In addition to fingerprint unlocking, smart lock also includes password unlocking, magnetic card unlocking, key unlocking and app unlocking. Old people and children are more suitable for magnetic cards to unlock the door. They can open the door with a single brush. The password lock has the function of anti peeping virtual password, which can also open the door before entering the correct password. For example, (***** 123455678 *****). At the beginning of technology coming out, people will question, argue and even reject it. Just like when e-commerce platform is launched, who would think that almost everyone is shopping online now?

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