Is The Smart Door Lock Safe?

The birth of smart lock has changed people’s life style, making people’s life style more and more simple and convenient. Many people who don’t know about the smart lock will ask, is such a convenient smart lock safe? Today’s editor-in-chief introduces the security of the smart lock, and makes an in-depth comparative analysis on the security of the smart lock from two aspects.

Compared with mechanical lock, intelligent lock is safe

Mechanical lock belongs to passive anti-theft. The anti-theft performance directly depends on the lock material and the anti-theft level of the lock cylinder.

The intelligent lock belongs to active anti-theft. The intelligent lock is basically the same as the mechanical lock. In addition, the intelligent lock can also improve the security by means of remote monitoring, anti technology opening alarm and anti violence opening alarm, which has many more intelligent anti-theft means than the mechanical lock.

Different brands of smart locks have different security performance


The difference between the anti-theft lock cylinder and the intelligent lock

According to the national requirements, the intelligent lock must be equipped with emergency lock cylinder to see whether the lock cylinder is safe or not. There are two points to be noted when buying locks:

The lock cylinder must be true. Some manufacturers use fake lock cylinder for profit. If there is a fire and other special circumstances, without emergency lock cylinder, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The rating of the cylinder is important. Class a lock cylinder, technical opening time 3 to 5 minutes. Class B lock cylinder, technical opening for more than 30 minutes. B + level lock cylinder, technical opening time is more than 270 minutes.  Choose different levels of lock cylinder, security and anti-theft are also different.

The difference of fingerprint identification technology of intelligent lock

One of the most attractive technologies of smart lock is fingerprint unlocking. At present, optical fingerprint head recognition or semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition are generally used in the intelligent door lock and fingerprint recognition processing in the market

Optical fingerprint identification: it can identify fingerprint by mirror refraction, with the advantages of durability, easy cleaning, good stability and low cost. The disadvantage is that optical technology may not be able to identify the duplicate fingerprint. For users with light fingerprint, too dry fingerprint or peeling, it is easy to have the phenomenon of wrong identification.

Semiconductor fingerprint recognition: through the electrical identification of skin living body, it has the advantages of distinguishing true and false fingerprints, better security, and no influence on the dry and peeling of fingers. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is not as good as the optical fingerprint, and the cost is high.

In addition to the above two aspects, the safety of smart lock also needs to choose the production enterprises with the capabilities of R & D, production and after-sales.

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