How To Install Fingerprint Lock Correctly

Compared with the traditional door lock, fingerprint lock has obvious advantages. The fingerprint can’t be duplicated and unique, completely avoiding the hidden danger of losing and stealing, which makes the fingerprint lock intelligent lock more and more accepted by people. So, let’s learn how to install fingerprint lock correctly.

In general, when the fingerprint lock is purchased, the seller will have special installation workers to install it on site, and a few customers with strong hands-on ability will install it by themselves. It is necessary for us to understand the steps of installing the fingerprint lock.

Prepared tools: ruler and tape measure, screwdriver, pliers, electric drill and drill, hammer, pencil, etc.

1、First determine the left and right opening direction of the door:

A few products are suitable for several directions, but most products still need to determine the opening direction. We take most of the right inner opening as an example. During the actual installation, the actual opening direction shall prevail.

2、Marking, opening and gouging:

Draw the center line of the handle and the center line of the door thickness at the appropriate height of the door, press the paper gauge against the door and align the center line and the side line of the door, draw the hole and groove line, and use the electric drill and other tools to cut the hole and cut the line. In general, locks are changed. There are holes and slots in the door. They can match most of the lock bodies on the market. When you buy them, you can match them.

3、Install the lock body:

1. Make sure that the direction of the locking tongue is consistent with the direction of the door opening;

2. Put the lock body into the hole. During the process, pay attention to hang the heaven and earth hook (if there is a heaven and earth hook), the lock body line is led out from the square hole, the lock body is in place, and the lock body is fastened with screws.

3. Insert the lock cylinder and tighten with the lock cylinder screws.

4. Insert the handle square bar into the lock body square hole from the outside to the inside and put it in place. Note: do not rotate or pull out the square bar after it is in place.

4、Install the inner and outer panels:

1. Transfer the cable of the outer cladding plate to one side of the inner web plate, and align the lock core, square bar and screw hole;

2. Stick the inner rubber pad and inner bottom plate to the inner door plate, pass the lock body cable and outer cover plate cable through the corresponding holes, use the cover plate link screws to link the outer cover plate, align with the position, and fasten the screws;

3. Insert the lock body cable and the cover plate cable into the corresponding socket, and insert the rotating square bar;

4. After the rotating square bar is inserted into the lock body, the inner cover plate is sheathed into the handle square bar and the rotating square bar, and the inner cover plate is fixed with the bottom plate screw and the cover plate screw.

5. After installation, lift up and press down the inner handle to check whether the lock tongue is smooth; lift up the outer handle and rotate the lock cylinder with the mechanical key to check whether there is any abnormality.

6. Load the battery, check in turn, input the fingerprint input password and open the door.

5、Install the baffle and lock box:

Install the baffle and lock box on the door frame, fix the screws, and then open and close the door to check whether it is smooth and free.

After all, the fingerprint and password can be registered according to the instructions and used normally. (pay attention to the location of the mechanical key. Try not to put it in your own home. You can put it in the car for emergency)

Through the introduction of the above small edition, do you have a certain understanding of the installation of fingerprint lock? This is a very important process, which needs to be installed according to the specifications.

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