How To Choose The Smart Door Lock?

With the continuous improvement of consumption level, people begin to use and recognize smart hardware such as smart TV, smart phone and smart door lock. Among them, as the “protector” of family safety, smart door lock products have attracted the attention of young consumers.

Smart doo lock as a new thing, ordinary consumers do not know how to choose so many intelligent lock products in the market, very confused. For our ordinary consumers, the expensive smart door locks are thousands of yuan, which may not be affordable. But we look down upon the smart door locks below one thousand yuan, and we have doubts about their safety performance. In fact, the core of smart lock is security protection.

When consumers purchase smart lock products, they first pay attention to the safety and then pay attention to their “intelligence”. From my understanding of smart door lock, users are advised to pay attention to the following three points when purchasing smart door lock, so that they can quickly decide which brand or smart door lock products they need.

1. Material and lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is very common for the traditional mechanical lock. According to the national regulations, the smart lock must also have a lock cylinder. The emergency unlocking mode can prevent the door from being opened by the mechanical key as an alternative, but it is mainly used in an emergency. For example, the battery of the smart lock is out of power and the battery is forgotten to be replaced. The high-end intelligent lock cylinder will have a protective cover to prevent being violently unlocked, further playing a safe role. Some poor quality, poor quality smart locks due to considering the cost of the relationship, often will save this layer of protection. Also did not do a good electromagnetic shielding design, which has a great impact on the anti-static effect of the intelligent door lock.

In addition to the protective cover, we should also pay attention to the level of the lock cylinder when purchasing the smart door lock. The door lock cylinder is divided into a, B, B +, C levels, among which B + and C levels have higher safety factors. It is recommended that you pay attention to this when purchasing smart door locks.

2. Technology and after sales

The market competition of smart lock is fierce. Some manufacturers have low price of smart lock and no technical reserve. Most of the smart locks with low price are not guaranteed in terms of the durability, safety level of lock cylinder, internal circuit and after-sales service. Part of the assembled brands can not guarantee the safety of the products. Once there is a fault, it will be very troublesome to repair. Such brand after-sales may be nothing.

Therefore, if you purchase intelligent door lock products, after your inquiry and understanding, it is found that there is no accumulation of technology research and development, nor perfect after-sales service. When the product price is too low, this kind of intelligent door lock is not recommended for users to consider.

3. Function and application

Intelligent door lock not only has higher safety coefficient than ordinary door lock, but also has these kinds of unlocking methods. Among the functions of APP unlocking, remote sending temporary password, anti-cat eye, anti-prying, etc., the anti-cat eye function is the most easily ignored by consumers. After the consumer locks the door, some lawbreakers can destroy the cat’s eyes and use special tools to open the door lock from the inside. Many manufacturers of cheap smart locks ignore this aspect of security, or are unwilling to increase investment in this aspect for cost reasons.

It is suggested that consumers, when purchasing smart door lock, consult whether the product has the function of anti-cat eye. If the conditions at home allow, it is recommended to work together with smart door locks and cameras, so that they can protect your home door and make you work safely outside.

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