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What is the working principle of Bluetooth smart lock and the advantages of Bluetooth smart lock

Consumers choose to buy smart locks because of the convenience and security of fingerprint and remote unlocking of smart locks. Most of the technologies used in smart locks are ZigBee, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, which can realize the advantages of smart locks. This article will analyze the working principle and related advantages of Bluetooth intelligent lock.

What is the working principle of Bluetooth smart lock?

The BLE Bluetooth module is built in the smart door lock. The mobile phone reads the Bluetooth information of the smart lock through APP, tries to match, and sends the request to the server side. The server side sends the instruction to the mobile phone to unlock. The mobile phone receives the instruction, and then sends the instruction to the smart door lock through Bluetooth for unlocking.

With the addition of low-power Bluetooth in the existing traditional door lock, the door lock can be unlocked and controlled by smart phone, which is more intelligent and convenient without complicated door cards and keys.

Introduction to the Advantages of Bluetooth Smart Lock

Standby time is long: At present, mature smart lock schemes in the market rely on battery power supply. Of course, some smart locks can be charged through external power supply, such as USB connection charging treasure. BLE Bluetooth module has very low power consumption in all modes, of course, this is also one of the advantages of using Bluetooth control.

Mobile phone unlock, convenient and fast: In the era of mobile Internet, APP mobile phone unlock is a smart lock intelligent reached a very high level, exaggerated point, no APP unlock lock is not smart lock. Bluetooth smart lock solution is also as long as all the operations of the mobile phone APP are easy to open, the emergence of Bluetooth unlock mode, all the distance problems, traditional locks cannot solve the problem easily.

Intelligent products are more susceptible to environmental impact, especially signal interference, shielding and so on, which will directly affect the use experience. Although both WiFi and Bluetooth are in 2.4 G band, there will be interference between signals, but Bluetooth has a higher transmission speed, better unlocking experience, and smaller size, which has a very obvious advantage in Bluetooth smart lock.

Bluetooth Smart Lock Application Scenario

Scene 1: The owner of the house has no key, and can control the door lock directly through the mobile APP.

Scenario 2: The owner is not at home. When visitors need to enter the door, they can authorize on APP. Then BLE Bluetooth Smart Door Lock can open the door lock through the authorization of cloud server.

Scenario 3: When visitors need temporary accommodation, they can be authorized to open the door lock within the authorization time limit.

The above is about the working principle of Bluetooth smart lock and the related advantages of Bluetooth smart lock. Bluetooth smart lock is one of the mainstream smart locks at present. Low power consumption and strong adaptability make it popular with many consumers.

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